About Levamin Nephro 7%

LEVAMIN 7% Injection contains essential amino acids. It reduces uremic symptoms (caused by the accumulation of nitrogenous waste compounds, which are normally eliminated by the kidneys), improves the nutritional status, and reduces the metabolic complications in chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients. It significantly improves the quality of life in kidney disease patients. Levamin Nephro 7%

Satisfactory nourishment is vital for dialysis patients for a superior in general result. Protein energy unhealthiness is profoundly predominant (25-half) among dialysis patients and is related with expanded bleakness and mortality. Reasons for unhealthiness in dialysis patients incorporate anorexia (deficient calorie or protein admission ), metabolic acidosis (excitement of amino corrosive and protein corruption), and disease/irritation (feeling of protein debasement).

Protein-energy squandering is normal in patients with constant kidney sickness (CKD). Seat is perhaps the most grounded indicator or mortality in patients with CKD. The international Society of Renal Nutrition and Metabolism (ISRNM) master board has characterized Pew as a, “condition of diminished body stores of protein and
energy powers (body protein and fat masses )”. Early acknowledgment and treatment of ailing health is fundamental to work on the result of patients with cutting edge CKD and those undergrowing support peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis treatment

Levamin Nephro 7%
Amino Acid (7%w/v) 250m

  • Acute and chronic Renal Insufficiency, in haemofiltration, peritoneal and haemodialysis.
  • For the Compensation of amino acid losses during and after dialysis of haemofiltration .
  • Renal Failure following polytrauma, broad medical procedure and sepsis
  • Enhancing a low protein diet in constant renal appointment’s patients.


Suggested everyday measurement: Up to 0.5g of amino acids/kg body weight/day in intense and persistent renal deficient patient not treated by dialysis, Up to 1g of amino acids/kg body weight/day in understanding treated by hemodialysis, hemofiltration or peritoneal dialysis. Measurement ought to be changed by amino corrosive prerequisite relying on age, body weight and state of patients, sufficient calories ought to be regulated at the same time either orally or parenterally.


The osmolarity of Levamin Nephro 7% is 635mOsmol/L Therefore can be controlled through fringe line.


LEVAMIN NEPHRO 7% Infusion rate ought not surpass 20 drops/minute

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