Glutafem is used to boost immune system, improve cell metabolism & also preserve metabolic function. L-alanyl- L-glutamine is also known as alanyl, is a functional dipeptide molecule, consisting of L- glutamine and L-alanine, two amino acids that have high bioavailability & good thermal stability.

Alanyl-glutamine is a chemical compound which in the form L-alanyl-L-glutamine is used in dietary supplementation, in parenteral nutrition, and in cell culture.


  • ✓ ICU patients
  • ✓ Gastrointestinal Surgery Patients
  • ✓ Pancreatitis Patients
  • ✓ Severe Burn Patients,
  • ✓ Cancer Chemotherapy patients
  • ✓ Acute and chronic infection
  • ✓ Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome
  • ✓ Intestinal dysfunction such as enteritis short bowel syndrome
  • ✓ Immunodeficiency syndrome such as AIDS

To help in the recovery. This helps to improve the immunity, protects the gastrointestinal tract, and has antioxidant properties


  • ➢ Boost immune system & improve cell metabolism
  • ➢ Preserve metabolic function
  • ➢ Reduce oxidative stress
  • ➢ Demonstrate the immunomodulatory & GI mucosal protective activity


❖ 1.5-2.5 ml. Per Kg body weight (equivalent to 0.3-0.5g L-alanyl-L/kg body weight)
❖ This equates to 100 to 175 ml . for a patient of 70 kg body weight.
❖ Maxm daily dose is 2.5ml equivalent to 0.5g-L-alanyl

Glutafem IV Administration:

❖ For peripheral venous infusion , dilute IV. to an osmolarity < 800 mosmol/L (e.g 100 ml + 100 ml saline)


❖ 0.5 ml/minute

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